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6月8日(星期三) OOPT測驗考場 June 8th OOPT test locations


The Language Teaching & Research Center will hold an OOPT test at 12:50 to 16:40 (Wednesday) on June 8, 2022.



1. 攜帶口罩暨大學生證及可插入電腦主機音源孔的線耳機應試。

Please bring your NCNU student cardmask, and earphones (available for computer) when you are going to take the test.

 2. 事先於語文中心官網觀看OOPT操作說明

     Please read the OOPT power point on LTRC webside.



[Reminder] If all the answers are not completed within the time, the score will be displayed as zero.



OOPT測驗考場:    綜合教學大樓B301

June 8 OOPT test locations:  綜合教學大樓B301


Students need to check the following file to know the assigned time and location to take the OOPT test.


If there’s any problem, please reply the correct information to this mailbox or contact LTRC  #2655.



如因已達畢業門檻欲取消此次報名,請於考前三天前將相關文件寄件至語文中心信箱 englishcorner.ncnu@gmail.com ,逾期不受理退費;如考試當天未能準時到考,請於考後一周內持正當理由請假證明至語文中心辦公室補請假手續 (請假申請表如附件)

If you’ve reached the graduation threshold and have the willing to cancel the application, please send the relevant documents to this mailbox (englishcorner.ncnu@gmail.com ) three days before the test. The overdue request will not be processed and the test fee will not be returned. If you can't attend the OOPT test on time, please provide a certified Leave of absence to LTRC within one week after the test. (refer to the attachment of the certified leave of absence form)