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申請延長至 3/6 12:00 [進修英文線上學習 Online English Training Class]


一、語文中心自111-2學期起推出「進修英文線上學習」課程,原定於112/02/20(一) 8:00-02/25(六) 17:00期間登記 ,
延長至3/6 12:00點此連結(須以暨南大學之信箱方可登入填寫)。








Online English Training Class

1. Online English Training Class will be starting from the 111 academic year, the 2nd semester. Students who want to take the class please click the link to register within 112/02/20(一) 8:00-02/25(六) 17:00 (please login ncnu mailbox to enter). The application was postponed to March 6 (12:00pm).


2. There is only one Online English Training Class within a maximum of 50 students, and the seniors would be taken in first.


3. The class will have a physical final exam on Wednesday of the sixteenth week of school, and the time and place will be posted on the center website. There is no makeup test, so please don’t miss the exam.