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2月23日(星期三)OOPT測驗考場Feb 23 OOPT test locations


The Language Teaching & Research Center will hold an OOPT test at 12:50 to 16:40 (Wednesday) on February 23, 2022.


Please bring your NCNU student cardmask, and earphones (available for computer) when you are going to take the test.


[Reminder] If all the answers are not completed within the time, the score will be displayed as zero.



If you can't attend the OOPT test on time, please provide a certified Leave of absence to LTRC within one week after the test. (refer to the attachment of the certified leave of absence form)



February 23 OOPT test locations:

考場一Location 1:-綜合教學大樓B301

考場二Location 2:-圖書館2F(數位教室)編號222

考場三Location 3-圖書館圖資027(地下1)

考場四Location 4-圖書館圖資026(地下1)


Students need to check the following file to know the assigned time and location to take the OOPT test.