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【重要】112-1進修英文線上學習 Online English Training Class


一、112-1 學期「進修英文線上學習」課程將於112/09/11 () 8:00 9/20 () 17:00 期間登記。9/22統一寄發錄取者名單,9/25進moodle上課。








Online English Training Class

1.     Students who want to take the 112-1 Online English Training Class please register within 112/09/11 (Mon) 8:00—09/20 (Wed) 17:00 (please login the ncnu mailbox to enter).

2.    There will be two Online English Training Classes within a maximum of 100 students, and the seniors would be taken in first.

3.   Students in the classes will have a physical final exam on Wednesday of the sixteenth week of school, and the time and place will be posted on the center website. There is no makeup test, so please don’t miss the exam.


「進修英文線上學習」課程Q & A

1. Q: 這堂課上下學期都要修嗎?

         Should I take and complete the class in both semesters?

    A: 只要修一學期並通過即可。

         No, you just need to take and complete the class in one semester.

2. Q: 我考過英檢(或達到系訂英文能力要求)了,可以退選嗎?名額可以轉讓嗎?

         I’ve met the requirement of my department, can I withdraw and give my place to someone else?

    A: 可以退選,請跟語文中心登記。名額不可轉讓。

         Yes, you can withdraw from the class, please report to the language center.

         Unfortunately, you cannot give your place to someone else.

3. Q: 我實體期末考時間衝堂,可以補考嗎?

         I have a time conflict with the final exam, can I take a make-up test?

    A: 可以,最晚於考前7天跟語文中心登記,且須提出衝堂證明,否則不予補考。

         Yes, please report to the language center with proof at least 7 days before the exam,

         or you can’t take the make-up test. Please note that valid proof is required.

4. Q: 這堂課是否有學分?

         Does the class have credits?   

    A: 沒有,只可用於認證各系英文能力基本要求。 

         No. It only can be used to meet the English proficiency requirements of each department.